1. THE TABLE A Spiritual Play
    "The play The Table by Kathleen Cribb is a wonderful story of spirituality and love. The characters are memorable and the story is compelling. Cribb's delightful sense of humor and accomplished playfulness with language contrasts with the serious message that both love and life know no boundaries making this play a great pleasure to read. This author's writing resonates." Elly Summers, author of This Never Happened
  2. The Foundation
    "Well written and entertaining, Kathleen Cribb's The Foundation, has the edgy murder and ghost of an Edgar Allan Poe story, this play has so much more: the power of the Holy Trinity. Greed, murder and ghosts may drive the fast paced plot. but faith, spirituality and familial love lie at the heart of Cribb's wonderful and redemptive play." Elly Summers, author of This Never Happened